Testimony of A Street Walker

Just about every day, Monday through Friday, I walk the streets of our city here in Bermuda. Whilst my husband walks over 4 or 5 miles  with his walking buddy, I go off on my own and we all meet up after an hour.  I just cannot keep up the pace they set. In fact, they walk faster than many runners and have trophies to prove it. I just want to get exercise without being resuscitated or rushed to the ER.

My husband and some of his walking buddies

And so, as the Christmas shoppers go to and fro on their merry way, I strut past them and get my heart pumping! It is still warm here in Bermuda so I am red-faced and unattractive so of course, I meet and greet lots of people I know. I try to make it obvious that I am out exercising and therefore not dressed to the nines, not that I ever really dress that way but there are times I try to tidy myself up somewhat.

Many thoughts go through my mind as I rush along the sidewalks. And I have even dreamed up some rather clever topics for my blog here but by the time I cool off and shower afterwards I have usually let those ideas stay in the back of my mind.

But today I made myself a new promise. I decided that I would NOT waste one hour every day just letting my mind drift. I decided that I would dedicate this hour to Jesus. Through my sweating and huffing and puffing I would give my all to Him. In fact, I have taken it upon my shoulders, such as they are after 62 years, to pray for every person I pass. I speak to many (It is customary here in Bermuda to greet people along the streets) and of course, many drive past me on their motorbikes or in their cars. I am asking the Lord to bless each person along my way. I am seeking a new touch of His spirit on this island and its people. I am thanking Him for His love and mercy and renewal and restoration. I implore Him to bring back the people who are lost and lonely. I am asking Him to show Himself to each person in a fresh new way. I am believing for a NEW Bermuda. We are plagued with violence and crime and it is time for God’s people to humble themselves and pray…..to seek His touch on our lives. To set the captives free.

I am hoping that one day, many will join me and walk the streets of our towns and cities and pray for our brothers and sisters along the way.

Let’s get physically fit  and get strong in the Lord!