“She is looking at me!”

After yesterday’s post I thought I would allow myself to return to frivolity. Not to say I take back any of it; indeed I fully intend to keep living this walking/praying method.

However, today I have been unable to do my daily walk. So, you may be wondering, did I find time to pray anyway? OK so you don’t actually care but I shall tell you anyway. It’s MY blog, remember? 🙂

Today I had even MORE need for prayer than yesterday. You see, I happily agreed to watch some of my grandchildren for a few hours. (4 of them). Now these are sweet and mostly good kids but it must be the pre-Christmas excitement because 2 of them were close to driving me INSANE….

“She keeps looking at me!” followed another few minutes from his brother, “The girls are talking and I can’t concentrate!” Then there was, “I wish I didn’t have a brother” followed by “She irritates me all the time” and blah blah blah….you get it. Once or twice an hour there was a mini melt-down. I was at my wit’s end and so had to call Mommy. She got them sorted out real quick but nevertheless, I decided it was time for a little Grandma Lesson.

Out of a world population of just under 7 billion people, one child insists on living in a world wherein no one should look at or gaze upon him.  While the other must be treated to absolute silence whenever he may choose.

Oh it is laughable but I thought of how ridiculous we adults can be at times too.
I know I often wish people would not look my way if I sneak out of the house to run to the store in less than fancy duds. Wouldn’t you know THAT would be the day I see Mrs. So and So?! And VERY often I wish people would be quiet so I could think. Or even so I don’t have to overhear them screaming at each other on the streets.

But back to the Grandma Lesson. It usually starts with how much God loves us. And at this time of year I told them how God sent His only son to be born in a manger so that He would grow up to die for us….It went something like this:

God: So Jesus, will you do this for billions of people all over the world?

Jesus: Yes, Father I will do this for them so they can be saved and one day join us in heaven.

God: But what if there were only 10 people, would you do it?

Jesus: Yes, Father, I would still do it.

God: But what if there was only Robert? Surely you wouldn’t allow people to torture you and crucify you for just him???”“”

Jesus: Yes Father I would still do it for this one person.


The boys were suitably amazed and even agreed to google images of Jesus as a baby and then His death on the cross.

Just as I was patting myself on the back and we were walking outside, another spat ensued…

“He touched my shoulder!”

Oh dear…….aren’t we just the same before our God and creator.

“Lord, give me strength and send home their parents!”