A Christmas Gift for THIS Blogger

I wasn’t planning on doing a post till after Christmas but I have been so touched by a comment from Southern Sea Muse that I had to sit at my desk and write a few lines.
You see, she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you so very much. This means a lot to me! I am humbled; I am honored; I am a wee bit embarrassed. I was awarded this award a few months back so while I am honored I would like to bestow it on another fella blogger. Thanks SO much Southern Sea Muse. Again, that was very sweet. Also a couple of weeks ago my dear blogging friend Elyse, Fifty-Four and A Half nominated me for the 7×7 award. I didn’t do anything about it because I am really rather shy. YES I am…..ha ha I know it sounds like false modesty but seriously when I read so many other terrific blogs I often think mine is ok but that’s it. Silly isn’t it?

Anyway THANKS to you both; no thanks to you ALL for your interest, comments and encouragement.

And now I am off to get ready for Christmas Eve service at our church. All our children and grandchildren are coming so we will be quite a crowd. I LOVE watching the little ones in church. And if they misbehave, well then GOOD. …..As a grandparent it is entertaining; as  a parent it is a nightmare. LOL

AND I told my 3 daughters that I am wearing a pencil skirt and high heeled boots. Woohoo. It is BECAUSE I have 3 daughters that I even know what a pencil skirt is. Methinks on me it may resemble a crayon skirt, you know the jumbo ones. ha ha OK so I am only 12 lbs overweight but still I shan’t look like my glamorous daughters at all. I may take a photo and post it tomorrow. MAYBE…. my son could care less how we girls dress but…..everyone knows women dress for other women~~~


Merry Christmas……

Let’s go forth into the tropical evening air to celebrate the Savior’s birth!