The Longer I Live….

Evening time on the island and all is quiet. As I look across the waters of Harrington Sound, I marvel at the peaceful like stillness. The lights across the water twinkle and throw out an invitation to sit awhile and drink in God’s sweet creation. The dogs are sleeping by my feet and except for their sleepy time whimpers as they dream of another exciting day on their horizon tomorrow, I am alone for a short time with my thoughts.  Mt husband is out on an errand and so I return to the draw of the computer and this blog despite the glorious beauty all around me.
I had a delightful day with my youngest grandchild and he was perfectly behaved and wonderfully loving. At three years of age, he shows quite a bit of wisdom and it never ceases to amaze me. We played and watched the Lion King together and played some more. At one point he was playing quietly with his little race cars and I was softly praying. He seemed to not notice at all, he was so engrossed in his little game and soon I found myself quietly praying in tongues, my heart filled with love and thanksgiving for my Jesus. Suddenly the little guy looked over at me and said, “Grandma, you can stop praying that special prayer now.”  I looked at him surprised and asked him how he even knew I was praying but he just smiled and looked right into my eyes.

The longer I live, the more I know how amazing is my God!

Our little Peek-a-boo game earlier today


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  1. “The longer I live, the more I know how amazing is my God!” I totally agree. I also smile when you shared you Grandson’s story….because in so many way, he reminds me of my son. Whenever a child laughs, embraces you , gives you those butterfly kisses and stare at you with all belief and affection, indirectly we see God and his goodness. What else could it be right? Happy New Year….

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