A Wonderful Blog…

I follow many blogs these days and it is such a wonderful part of my day. Each morning I bring in my tea, sit at my desk in the den and read through all these blogs. There are those that make me smile; ones that make me LAUGH out LOUD, blogs about coping with the stress of daily living; interesting blogs wherein I learn something new almost daily and then there are those that FILL my heart with rejoicing.

Today I want to share one with you all that I have only discovered last week. Already I am a complete fan and I just love this young lady. She has been through more than any one person should ever have to endure but she walks today in VICTORY in spite of everything. She is truly a testament to the Joy of the Lord. She is an example for young and old alike. She is on fire for the Lord and I urge you to go to her web site and read what she has to share. I promise you, there will be tears, there will be smiles, there will be encouragement for all.

Her name is Jessie and her web address is