A Blogger’s Fireworks

What a way to end the old year and begin the new. My own kind of New Year’s Fireworks are all around as I sit here and think about the fun of blogging and its many rewards.

I am honored to have been named for 2 awards (versatile blogger and 7X7) by my fellow blogger extraordinaire, Prairie Wisdom.

So, something that most of you do not know about me is that though I have lived in Bermuda for over 41 years, I still have my VERY strong Canadian accent. Weird, hey? My husband, kids, grandkids and 90% of my friends are Bermudian but I sound like I just got off the logging truck in Nova Scotia.

First of all many congratulations to her. I have enjoyed following her blog since I first became a part of the blogging world. She indeed brings wisdom passed on to her through the ages. She is witty, interesting and always lots of fun. She makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me proud and makes me want to meet her.

Earlier this month, fiftyfourandahalf also nominated me for the 7X7 award and again I am deeply touched. In fact, I was so stunned that it has taken me this long to acknowledge it. Many thanks to another terrific blogger. There seem to be a group of us following each other around. Wouldn’t it be fun to get together one day and share a cup of tea?!!!

Now the hard part. For the 7X7 award I have to discuss some of my own posts over the past few months. This is difficult but I shall try.

Most Beautiful…..in my opinion it should be “Why Not Me?”

Probably my most helpful could be “Packing in the 00’s” or even “Mastering the Art of Collecting Poop” (perhaps the funniest too)

Most Popular was definitely, “Dancing with the Stars”

Most controversial would have to be “Bermuda Homecoming” (I was SO annoyed that day)

The most surprisingly successful was, “Her Hair is Better than My Hair”

I think the most underrated is “His Loving Arms”

and my most pride worthy is “We’re Singing Mother into Paradise” (The title says it all)

Now I have the pleasure of nominating 7 other blogs that I would encourage you to get to as soon as possible. As well as the 2 mentioned above,

Let me tell you, I LOVE:










http://www.prairiewisdom. com and


BOTH deserve the awards they have already been nominated for and I urge you to follow their posts daily. These are some TERRIFIC people, guys!

Believe it!

Happy New Year all.

May the Lord be in your hearts and bring you His peace in the midst of a troubled world.


9 responses

  1. Thanks guys.
    Well we are off the island now and surprisingly it is not terribly cold here in Vermont! Nice…..but this week frigid air is heading our way
    Anyway check out the blogs I mentioned in this post

    • I am not about to change at this stage of my life…..I mean, I always will be a Canadian through and through though I LOVE Bermuda and happen to have a Bermudian husband, 4 Bermudian kids and 10 Bermudian grandchildren…..
      know what I mean, eh???

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