I HATE that AD

Wow…already I am inspired to write another post……

this is so rare and unusual that I am just going to GO with it….

I just HATE that ad on TV these days with Mariarh Carrie and her weight watchers body! First of all, GET OVER yourself girl! secondly NONE of us real people could ever hope to have that bod no matter what and thirdly and what I hate the most is that Flippin song you are shouting…over and over and over and over…..

Did I ever mention how intolerant I am becoming as I ease into my 60’s. (ok so I am already 62 but ya know what I mean, right?)

I always have detested repetition though…..and now I could throw something at the TV…..

Jennifer Hudson….now she SHINES in her WW ads. Love it.

Ok…that;s it for tonight folks. ttyl


Ok…so as I start this post, I have actually no idea where I am going….

I have been nominated for 2 more awards in the blogging world and I am truly at a loss for words or at least intelligent words…..but…..

I guess I should start with, “Thanks to my dear friend, fiftyfourandahalf…..so thank you my dear pal!”

Now, I find that the rules and regulations on accepting this award are beginning to weigh me down and I am not sure I am even up to begin the process. YES, it is a process (this is for those of you who just read blogs all day long and don’t compose them…..)

AND I am off the island and working on a different computer. It took me three hours just to get online and I am totally NOT kidding. At first I sat in our Vermont home with my cute little IPad2 reading blogs and making cutsie comments and feeling rather smart and superior and then when I attempted to actually try to post…..well, my hubbie had to help me sort out the desktop….you do realize I went through MOST of my life thus far as a blonde, right? or should I say, eh?

I really would rather talk about just about anything else rather than pat myself on the back for awards but I feel I must again mention several other bloggers who deserve awards far more so than me….

OF course, there is http://www.fiftyfourandahafl.wordpress.com

as for the others I am being lazy and asking you kindly to refer to my immediate previous post to see all those I named.

Now I HAVE to go and think of something clever and witty to post asap so that you readers will not lose interest in what I compose here, there and anywhere……


I am on the road tomorrow, travelling to see my sister and other sister and 3 brothers….so I shall say adieu for now.

Love you all.


PS I am going to post a photo JUST to try to make this a little more interesting…..Oops, I already messed up …let me try again. I told you I am struggling……

My Great Grandmother.....I'm wearing the same hat today!