I HATE that AD

Wow…already I am inspired to write another post……

this is so rare and unusual that I am just going to GO with it….

I just HATE that ad on TV these days with Mariarh Carrie and her weight watchers body! First of all, GET OVER yourself girl! secondly NONE of us real people could ever hope to have that bod no matter what and thirdly and what I hate the most is that Flippin song you are shouting…over and over and over and over…..

Did I ever mention how intolerant I am becoming as I ease into my 60’s. (ok so I am already 62 but ya know what I mean, right?)

I always have detested repetition though…..and now I could throw something at the TV…..

Jennifer Hudson….now she SHINES in her WW ads. Love it.

Ok…that;s it for tonight folks. ttyl

10 responses

  1. A priest, a monk and a rabbi walk into a bar and sit next do a doctor. He listens to them tell a joke. “That was very humorous!” he says… Er, yeah, not very funny. So, no, we’re not quitting our day jobs … No wait, this was about absurd weight watching commercials, i am sorry.

    I am currently scratching parts of my body that I have not seen in over five years, weight watchers is unrealistic for normal people or people like me. Nice work, you nailed it.


  2. Too funny!!! I haven’t seen the one with Mariah Carey, but I bet the Jennifer Hudson one brings in a lot of customers!!! Fortunately I don’t watch much tv so I can’t really get annoyed by any commercials. You need to invest in a PVR!! 🙂

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