COLD Bermuda

First of all, I defer to my esteemed adversary, She does make some valid points in her accusatory post today. Don’t feel too sorry for me, guys, just because my own big sister is attacking me oh so viciously. In fact, it is fitting that it  should be so on this auspicious day (the day many web sites have gone black in protest to our freedom of speech on the internet). Let her attack and accuse…..I am strong enough to take it and brave enough to send it right back at her!!!!

OK so Canada is cold. No doubt about it. In fact, I survived the first 21 years of my life there.
But Bermuda’s cold is not easy to accurately define. Let me tell you a wee little story (true). The first year I was married and living here, or should I say the first WINTER I lived here, I honestly thought I would die! I was dressed in so many layers of clothes and my bones were still frigid. I had blankets wrapped around me in the evenings, three pairs of socks on, the fireplace going and an oil heater going full steam. I was SO cold that I was quite sure if I were to look out the window, there MUST be snow falling! The walls are concrete and WET; one’s sheets feel wet upon getting into bed (Thanks be to God for the inventor of the electric blanket). I cried with the cold. It just didn’t compare to Canada’s relatively dry cold with HEATED homes!


Enough said.
I win!!!!!!


don’t I???


YOU be the judge…….


Baby It’s Cccold Outside!

My Rebuttal to my sister’s post today on her blog         “I’m mad at my sister”

OK. The gloves are well and truly off!

My sister has opened a can of worms with her complaining about my complaining and she’s in trouble now.
Let it not be said that this little sister is shaking in her boots! (And it is SO cold here today that I am wearing boots!) She has thrown me a challenge and I am ready and raring to go.

OK so enough of the cliches (next she’ll be telling me off for overuse of them; she IS a teacher, after all)

Bermuda is a SUB tropical island in the Atlantic ocean.(Note the word SUB….) I would urge you to google us. You may be surprised to see how far north we actually are. The only reason we don’t get snow or freezing (per se) temperatures is because the Gulf Stream runs right by our shores. We are almost directly across from North Carolina. BUT and this is a huge BUT, it is chilly, very very chilly sometimes.

No, it’s NOT the uncivilized cold that you Northerners experience but when one touches the wall in one’s home and it feels WET and COLD and CLAMMY, rest assured, one feels wet and cold and clammy.  We do not have heating in our homes. Many of us have heaters but if you knew how very expensive electricity is here, well that is just not an option except at bath time. We have fire places and use them frequently, ok so maybe only 3 or 4 times a year but…….

In fact, I was so impressed or should I say disturbed by my sister’s post today, that I left my snuggly warm bed and my sweetly sleeping husband to come into the ccccold den and address the issue of Cold in Bermuda…..

and you know what? I love a good cold Bermuda winter day…..cuz truth be told….we have way too much nice warm and too often HOT weather!

So, take that, OldGirlNewTricks!

And yea, Maureen, I still love you no matter what…………