COLD Bermuda

First of all, I defer to my esteemed adversary, She does make some valid points in her accusatory post today. Don’t feel too sorry for me, guys, just because my own big sister is attacking me oh so viciously. In fact, it is fitting that it  should be so on this auspicious day (the day many web sites have gone black in protest to our freedom of speech on the internet). Let her attack and accuse…..I am strong enough to take it and brave enough to send it right back at her!!!!

OK so Canada is cold. No doubt about it. In fact, I survived the first 21 years of my life there.
But Bermuda’s cold is not easy to accurately define. Let me tell you a wee little story (true). The first year I was married and living here, or should I say the first WINTER I lived here, I honestly thought I would die! I was dressed in so many layers of clothes and my bones were still frigid. I had blankets wrapped around me in the evenings, three pairs of socks on, the fireplace going and an oil heater going full steam. I was SO cold that I was quite sure if I were to look out the window, there MUST be snow falling! The walls are concrete and WET; one’s sheets feel wet upon getting into bed (Thanks be to God for the inventor of the electric blanket). I cried with the cold. It just didn’t compare to Canada’s relatively dry cold with HEATED homes!


Enough said.
I win!!!!!!


don’t I???


YOU be the judge…….


9 responses

  1. You are sssoooo cute Helen! Whatcan I say? I will think ofyou on my walk to Oland Centre to watch the men’s basketball team win, ( hopefully) against Dal. Steve ( coach ) is getting another award tonight.

    Cheers, M.

  2. I have to give the win to you Aunt Helen.
    One must never pick fights with relatives that live in warm climates. We may never be invited to leave our igloos and come bask in the warm (to us) 54 degree weather.
    I remember living in Costa Rica (tropical) and thinking my ears were going to fall off because it was a freezing 20 degrees Celsius (I think that’s probably around 50??). It’s all about acclimatization.

    • Betsy, 20C is around 70F!!!, not 50!!! I don’t think you checked my blog today because I definitely win!!! BTW, I lived in Africa for two years, so I know the difference between tropical cold and arctic cold. Arctic cold is colder!!! LOL

  3. Score another one for the brave little sister……ha ha ha
    This is SO much fun! Hope our readers are enjoying it all as much as my sister and I….

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