The Best B & B Ever!

Should you perchance be looking for a lovely place to lay your weary head while on a holiday, don’t bother with Google. I wouldn’t even consider Expedia or Bing or any of the many web search engines around. It doesn’t matter where you want to go. Be it Fiji, the town 20 miles away or Paris, France. I have discovered the only real place that could satisfy a person’s quest for excellence in every sense of the word.

Excellence: n. the quality of being exceptionally good.

Whether you want to spend your holiday laying on a deserted beach somewhere, or hiking through mountain trails, I really urge you to STOP!

For as recently as early this month, I happened upon the very best B & B & B that exists today, bar none.

When I was booking my suite at the B & B in question, I asked the proprietress if the price quoted included breakfast and if I would be provided with fresh linen daily as well as other incidentals. She happily informed me that hers was not merely a B & B but and this was the first I had ever heard of it, her establishment was indeed a B & B & B. I was momentarily silenced as I tried to think of what this meant. The lady happily cleared up my confusion and assured me that her Inn (so to speak) provided one with Bed, Breakfast & Bagpipes!

Apparently, one would be awakened at a chosen time each morning to…….you guessed it, the sound of the bagpipes which would be sure to get you moving and down to the breakfast table lickity split!

Now for those of you who just may be wondering where this delightful place is, I have to tell you now that my lips are sealed. It is such a treasure that I shall never ever share this with anyone. (besides, my sister would kill me if I opened her cozy home to just anyone.
You will have realized by now that I am speaking tongue in cheek.

You see, we were brought up in a tiny little Scottish town in Nova Scotia and many MANY days we were indeed awoken in the early summer mornings to the sound of Bagpipes! we absolutely HATED them and still laugh about it today. Oh the Piper was not in our home, nor was it even in a close neighbor’s….it was just so loud that even if 3 blocks away, the melodic screeching disturbed all our beauty sleep.

Our Town Mayor and Family Friend

10 responses

  1. Very nice picture of Ron Helen! He doesn’t look so well these days. he had open heart surgery. I don’t know how he’s doing right now!

    He was the pianist for us! Not only your family. He was closer to our ears!

    X won the basketball game and Coach K. was honored for his 800th win tonight also!

  2. We went camping at Stone Mountain in GA a couple of years ago. In the campground, a couple of spaces down was this whole group of people playing bag pipes. They played all day long. They were really loud. The next day there were even more people and then they had a wedding right there and played the bag pipes. People were even trying to park their cars in our camp sight. I had to tell them to move their cars and stop blocking me in. It might have been fun for them, but they were loud and I got real tired of hearing them play bag pipes for 2 days.

    • You poor dear…..two whole days of bagpipes!
      They can be lovely in the right setting though and can even bring tears to your eyes. I remember the first time I heard them in Bermuda, having been away from my home and family in Canada for a couple of years, I cried like a baby. Made me so homesick!

  3. So funny! My sister and I have an ongoing joke: “I hear bagpipes!” For some reason, after we watched Men With Brooms for the first time, we started hearing bagpipes in obscure, random locations. We never spotted the bagpipes, but they were clearly identifiable. Sometimes in shopping malls, sometimes ringtones on cell phones, and once even in my own back yard (I still don’t know where the bagpipes were, but there was no mistaking them). Any time we hear bagpipes, we take it as a sign that it’s time to watch Men With Brooms again. If you haven’t seen it, do – it’s the quintessential Canadian curling movie.

    • Hilarious Kay. I have to say that we two sisters are crazy enough without booze; I would hate to see the havoc we may cause were we to start drinking together. ha ha

  4. I have a soft spot in my heart for the pipes. My husband is a Scotophile (which is way different from a pedophile) and we had a piper at our wedding.

    That said, we don’t listen to pipes early in the morning, or more than on an annual basis!

    • Well my Mom was Scottish and my Dad French so the pipes are part of my heritage. Can be very beautiful at times. Nothing like “Taps” played on the pipes at a funeral. Make one cry………….

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