Who-da Thunk it?

As I sit here at my favourite spot in the den, I wanted to quickly share with you the most unbelievable thing that I could ever have imagined….I am all dressed up and ready to go out. A Saturday night date with my hubbie…..weeeelllll, in reality it’s s date with my two pugs, Ben & Jerry. Oh yea, Ray is coming along too.
You see, these two little fellas are something of celebrities not only in Bermuda but in places across Canada and the USA. They travel with us on the RV. Wherever we go, people come up to us. It’s like we are….ah….say….Justin Beiber’s parents. EVERYONE knows them and everyone loves them and they are cute and precious and for those of you who have read any of my past posts, you will know that they tend to drive me NUTS! And THEY got invited out to dinner.  The daughter of a business associate of my husband’s is home visiting her parents and when she heard we were Ben & Jerry’s parents, well, she had to have them over for dinner.!!!! Since they cannot drive or take the bus on their own, she acquiesced and allowed us to join them all for a meal. I am HOPING it is people food for us but just to be safe I had a smidgen of cheese with my tea earlier.

This is a first for us…….going to dinner with our dogs.

WHAT NEXT??????????????

Drop by tomorrow for an update of the evening’s festivities. Apparently they have horses and dogs and chickens…..safe to say it is a farm household.

Heaven help this little island girl!

Before his shower and shave this evening


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  1. We lived in Europe for 5 years, with two different dogs. On our first restaurant outing with our enormous Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie, the waitress took one look at us and turned away from us. She went to a table, took a chair away, placed a bowl of water on the floor and then came back and led us to the table for 3 humans and 1 large dog.

    Hope you had a great evening.

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