The Pugs’ Dinner Invitation (part 2)

Well, true to my promise in yesterday’s post, “Who Would- Thunk It?” I am here today to regale you all with a brief synopsis of Ben & Jerry’s dinner out last night.

As I had mentioned in yesterday’s post, we dressed for dinner ourselves (which translates to we got out of our jeans and into somewhat nicer duds AND I wore makeup) and of course, we HAD to dress Ben & Jerry. Ray gave them a good brushing earlier in the day and only *poo pooed the idea of bathing them because they would be mingling with farm animals so would need bathing today probably. (*excuse the pun)

I shall try to upload a photo or two…momentarily.

Jerry all decked out with Hubbie

Anyway the drive was a good 40 to 45 minutes which on an island this small is a looooong way off.  Not to worry, we brought provisions in case we had to stop and set up camp en route. However, we bravely did the whole trip in one go.

Having arrived at this exotic farm. (because it is unlike any farm you ever saw), the “boys” eagerly jumped out to greet the host and hostess’ pet dog. There were informal sniffs of greetings and then the dogs followed our lead and began to sniff our hosts as well. ha ha






Buffed up Ben with Me





The gorgeous antique Bermuda cedar doors were thrown open in a warm welcome and the little pugs went tearing into their lovely home. Oops, some left some of his food in his dish, Sparky(their dog), and Ben began to devour it! A quick whisking away of the dish sent him scurrying elsewhere in his quest for food. We weren’t in the door five minutes when it was discovered that not only do these wonderful folk have horses, chickens and a dog but that they have two CATS. Oh Oh… of them never showed his or her pretty little feline face the whole evening and the other, once she realized there were enemies in the household, quickly went out into the safe haven of the gardens.




Now I realize I am being rather too lengthy and I promised a brief report so……

The food was 100% human fare and it was the most delicious ever! Their home is a veritable treasure of Bermuda history with the original homestead going back into the 1850’s. It was a marvellous evening and Ben & Jerry did us proud. They behaved and as far as we know, did not leave behind any hidden surprises though I would be most cautious before donning my boots this morning if i were them.

We did get the boys to perform a trick or two and then we entertained, on their behalf since they were somewhat shy, the delightful family who had graciously brought us into their home. The evening was a success and we all made the long journey home just before the witching hour with happy hearts and full bellies.
The Menu:

Dog Kibble

Artichoke, spinach hot dip

Succulent roast beef

More Kibble

Baked potatoes unsurpassed by any chef’s standards,

Fresh Bermuda pumpkin


Hot whole wheat rolls

and for dessert…………….Bermuda Bananas Flambe with a banana rum liquor and fresh ice cream.

and oh yes, a little more kibble!

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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments. I guess the partying wore me out because now I am sick with a mean cold.
    Will be back when I am better.

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