Soup’s On

It must have been the fact that in making my almost famous “Momma still loves you so is making you vegetable soup while you are ill” soup for two of my four kids who are ill with colds and giving it all to them that I got sick myself. I mean I was perfectly fine before hand but it seemed as soon as the decision was made that they needed it more than me, that I caught this cold. And this is why at 5:24 am I am up writing instead of soundly sleeping.

But it IS better to give than receive, isn’t it? I gave them Soup and they gave me a cold.

Simply as that. So now tomorrow…oops, later today I shall make myself some of this miraculous healing soup

for no one else but ME…..


Starting the Soup

9 responses

  1. Everyone around me is sick. At the beginning of the cold/flu season I felt as if the dreaded sickness was creeping around trying to sneak up on me. Now I feel like it is right in my face screaming, “I’m gonna get you!!”
    So far I am continuing to fight the good fight!
    Hang in there…Eat 2 bowls of your yummy soup and you’ll feel much better straight away! I’m sure f it!

  2. LOL Lori, I saw that and it didn’t even click cuz I am feeling so unwell. lol
    I pray you won’t get the flu or even a horrid cold like I have. I sneeze SO hard that the roof may be a wee bit off kilter. lol

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