A Gorgeous Bermuda Evening

So, in some of my recent posts I know I moaned and groaned about how cold Bermuda can be in the winter and most of you felt no sympathy for me whatsoever. And then my sister (http://oldgirlnewtricks.wordpress.com)  engaged me in a heated blogging battle about who suffered through the winter more, Bermudians or Canadians …..she did such a fine job that I conceded defeat long since and this evening’s little spell out on my patio sealed that deal once and for all. Whilst it CAN be damp and cold and bone chilling here, MOST of the time, such as this evening, it is amazing. We are truly blessed to live on this island. WOW…..God certainly knew what He was up to when He spoke this place into being. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Bermuda is blessedly beautiful.

Thank you Lord.

Bermuda Evening Glory



No More Please

I know it sounds mean and unspirited but when I reflect on why I wanted to Blog in the first place, I have to be brave and stand firm in this decision I have made today.

I DO appreciate the kudos thrown my way, I really do. But I have to say please, PLEASE no more awards. Not that I have been inundated with more than the average and not that I am in such demand. I really really am trying to be somewhat humble in all of this but are there any of you out there who are beginning to feel slightly burdened by all these awards? I mean there are rules and regulations that constrict my time, time when I could be writing or composing any number of posts.  It is as though people in their quest to praise others, which is a sweet thing, are looking for new ways to create new awards. I believe the way to praise and admire others’ works is to comment on their blogs or even to mention them in passing in our own posts.

Do any of you feel the same as me? Or is it just me and my impatient aging not so gracefully ways?

Am I hard-hearted and mean? OR am I just being totally honest?

Please feel free to tell me what you really think.

I am just too worn out to go through the regimen of any more award nominations.

Hope I don’t lose my followers in this but…..c’eat la vie.


PS…..have you also noted that when one gets nominated, that is NOT really to say one WINS…..I mean ask an Academy Award nominee….they haven’t always walked home with the gold statuette….


HUG Award


My blogging pal http://islandtraveller.net has nominated me for the Hug Award which was created by Connie Wayne  http://ahopefortoday.com and Mindblur  http://mindblur.wordpress.com

It is presented to fellow bloggers and web sites who inspire with their words and actions offering Hope in this world.

It is offered and to be accepted only once and since my dear friend has nominated so many other blogs who are not only deserving but would also be on my list, I shall mention a few others whom I admire greatly and who are so very deserving of this award. They continue to inspire me in my daily walk.