HUG Award


My blogging pal has nominated me for the Hug Award which was created by Connie Wayne and Mindblur

It is presented to fellow bloggers and web sites who inspire with their words and actions offering Hope in this world.

It is offered and to be accepted only once and since my dear friend has nominated so many other blogs who are not only deserving but would also be on my list, I shall mention a few others whom I admire greatly and who are so very deserving of this award. They continue to inspire me in my daily walk.


6 responses

    • I did like his presentation of it very much This man’s journey is one of my favorite blogs. He does inspire! Oops, is that YOU writing this? Well I do love your blog! Kudos!

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  3. HUGS back to you! 🙂 Congratulations! Thank you for including me in your short list. I’m grateful to God that in a way, my writing make sense to some of my friends here. Haha! God bless to your upcoming adventures! 🙂

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