No More Please

I know it sounds mean and unspirited but when I reflect on why I wanted to Blog in the first place, I have to be brave and stand firm in this decision I have made today.

I DO appreciate the kudos thrown my way, I really do. But I have to say please, PLEASE no more awards. Not that I have been inundated with more than the average and not that I am in such demand. I really really am trying to be somewhat humble in all of this but are there any of you out there who are beginning to feel slightly burdened by all these awards? I mean there are rules and regulations that constrict my time, time when I could be writing or composing any number of posts.  It is as though people in their quest to praise others, which is a sweet thing, are looking for new ways to create new awards. I believe the way to praise and admire others’ works is to comment on their blogs or even to mention them in passing in our own posts.

Do any of you feel the same as me? Or is it just me and my impatient aging not so gracefully ways?

Am I hard-hearted and mean? OR am I just being totally honest?

Please feel free to tell me what you really think.

I am just too worn out to go through the regimen of any more award nominations.

Hope I don’t lose my followers in this but…..c’eat la vie.


PS…..have you also noted that when one gets nominated, that is NOT really to say one WINS…..I mean ask an Academy Award nominee….they haven’t always walked home with the gold statuette….


17 responses

  1. You present some interesting questions. I however, do not have a quick easy answer. Often I wonder myself, why do I do this, day in and day out, and I always come back with the same old thing.

    I dunno.


    • Well you should know that many many people love reading your blog and i would say that MOST of the time I am in agreement with you!

      Sent from Helen’s IPad

  2. Honestly, I felt the same way. I can’t catch up and the there are times that I wish the time I spent for the award post could have been about those that I’m passionate about. So far I only made 3 posts about the awards…the Versatile, Liebster and recently, the HUG award. It’s in a way a great way to thank people who had been a constant part of our blogging world. I’m grateful for the appreciative thoughts and how I wish I can post every award that I get. Unfortunately, we have our daily lives that takes much of our time. If there’s one more room for an award, may it be the “HUG” award for you. I read its meaning and I think its intentions are inspiring. Have a blessed day.…hope-it-brings/

    • Thanks for your kind words. True this seems to be a very serious and worthy award but I am taking away from my blog to discuss them and pass them on etc. I just felt that now I have to stop. It sounds cold and unfriendly and if you knew me, you would know that it is not me but perhaps because I have been I’ll this week and therefore lost blogging time anyway that I thought I would say “enough”. Let’s keep blogging and sharing the things that touch our hearts, be it fanciful and light or deep and passionate. I love hearing about your discussions and life with your son……a real blessing!

      Sent from Helen’s IPad

  3. Oh my goodness! I am hysterical! I thought I was the only one who felt like that. Quite frankly, I did a major snoopy dance for the first one and then the second. I am out of catchy titles, humble ways of saying thanks and blogs to pass it on to. I am sitting on two awards (one from you) that I haven’t yet acknowledged and I feel guilty. I am not negative on awards. I believe new bloggers need to feel the love. It also introduces the rest of us to some new bloggers. It may just have been the holidays but the awards were just flying! Thanks for saying it out loud!

    • I know! It’s almost embarrassing to be seen to be tooting ones own horn. For other bloggers, well, they understand but many of my readers or followers are just that, people who want to read a funny little story or share some heart warming moments. They could care less if other bloggers shower us with awards. And it makes me uncomfortable. I agonize over who to pass it on to and if I have left anyone out. There are so many blogs that I love for various reasons. Let’s stand together and say, “halt!”

      Sent from Helen’s IPad

  4. Helen, you are so right. I have a few awards “outstanding” and it is making me feel too guilty to write what I wanted to write because, I’m behind. So …. thanks for mentioning this. And I know some of yours have come from me (and some of mine have come from you!) but I promise to stop if you do!

    I wish we could get a banner — no more blog awards, thanks!

  5. I totally agree, I feel like you do. Although it is a compliment to be awarded, the reason that I am writing blogs is not to get awards or “fame”. I am writing for the Lord and that is my main purpose, the furthering of the kingdom and to spread the gospel or biblical perspectives in this postmodern world. Hollywood gives rewards, they celebrate their own. I rather lay up my treasures in heaven and maybe I get a little reward from the Lord?

  6. Hear, hear! I am on board with this plan and that is why I dont have any award images on my blog. What great blogging friends we all have but it began to feel like a blogging version of chain letters. Those I never send on 😉

    • Good to hear. Honestly I felt that surely others were beginning to feel overly taxed with this award business. Again I must say, should you wish to shower praise on other’s blogs, tell them on their comment page or mention it in your own blog! I too abhor chain letters. The ones going around often now are in the name of “Christianity” and I am sure God does not grant “wishes” or answer prayers according to how many people one forwards an email. I try my best to address each one received by stating firmly this is NOT how our God operates with superstition and threats of damnation! And then I press DELETE! Sent from Helen’s IPad

  7. Hi Helen, you hit the bullets 🙂 Who can’t be thankful for all of those awards? I mean, for all the encouragement that it brings, I am really thankful 101%. But the acceptance of it means also to abide by its restrictions and that’s what I feel the burdens on. With the same reason why I wanted to write, is the same reason why I wanted to still write, with or without the awards. Yes, you’re right, it doesn’t mean that we’re not thankful but it does mean that we can expand our minds to appreciate the efforts of our fellow bloggers. 🙂 Thank you for imparting this, I also wrote about why I’m not passing it or not writing about it a couple of weeks ago. God bless 🙂

    • I am seeing more and more people are finding this awards business ties up our time and we all know, time is precious in this day.
      Blessings and keep writing!

  8. I just say thankyou and it ends there. I don’t know how to post them and I don’t want to bug people by telling them to tell a dozen more people. It is the thought that counts.

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