An Email from Mom

I have been a mother for over 37 years and part of my reward is being a grandmother to the best kids in the world!

My four children are grown and long since on their own. However, once a mom, always a mom. I still feel protective and more often than they would like, I also feel instructive.

You will gather that I still would like to tell my kids what to do or how to live. Mostly I keep these views to myself but this weekend I have broken this little informal rule and decided that since I am still their mother and still myself always learning, I should impart some of my views upon them once again. I seem to be able to express myself far better with the written word (Many ‘fights’ between my dear husband and myself over the years were fought and won this way….not saying who won but most of you will guess that it was me Aha!)

Anyway I penned a brief email to them about the subject of prayer. I won’t parlay it in detail but I will share some of what I was trying to say to them.

First thing we ought to be sure our kids know is: God doesn’t have grandchildren.  That is, once they are adults, it is up to them to form and cement their own relationship with their Heavenly Father.  No one gets into heaven on anyone else’s say so. Sure I can and will still pray for them but they have to take time to develop their own prayer life. I am as guilty as the next person in this way. If there is an URGENT prayer need, I get on the phone and call a brother or sister or friend I believe to be ‘closer to God’. It is fine to ask for prayer support. But hey, why aren’t we building that relationship for ourselves? Get on it! Get into feeding yourselves spiritually. That is, make time for God! An hour a week? wow….is that enough? Would you be satisfied with God only giving us an hour a week? It is by His grace that He picks us up when we fall. But He expects us to mature and grow. I truly believe that reading the Bible is more necessary than ever in this crazy world. Do we ensure that we nourish our bodies at least twice or three times a day? YES…..we need to nourish our spirits and minds. His Word is food for our souls!

There is more I shared with my family but I just wanted to share a little of it with others out there.

How do you feel about this?

I am deciding to make 2012 the year of Victory in our family!

Victory in the Lord.

Victory in prayer.

Victory in answered prayer.

Victory in growing in relationships with God and each other.

I am standing firm in this and I am witnessing before you that there will be GOOD NEWS to report before this year is through!

Blessings to you all.





7 responses

  1. I agree with everything you say. Except that you have been a mother for over 37 years. If this holds any truth at all, I beg of you to keep it private. Or at the very least, tell everyone I’m the youngest!!

    In all seriousness though, God must come first in all of our lives. 🙂

    • Yes prayer is vital as is praise The Bible tells us to ” put on the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness” this has brought me through so much!

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