The Dawning of a New Day

This post is to update you about some new changes on my blog.

While I shall continue to write about a variety of things, as the mood strikes, I wanted to share my new user name. I think this reflects more of who I am.

I am still a part time RVing Girl and love it but there is so much more…..I hope you will agree.

Tomorrow, I shall get back into blogging and sharing with so many dear friends I have made these past 6 months here on WordPress.

God bless you all.

Special thanks to my precious friend Jessie Jeanine once again who has inspired me at just the right time! (



2 responses

  1. And we surely do agree Helen! 🙂 How beautiful you are and I’m excited to read what He puts in your heart. My apologies that it always takes me some time to make the rounds, but eventually we always seem to catch up. I have found sharing on wordpress to be such a blessing and I pray that becomes your experience too. Remember, you are loved!
    Your sister, Jessie

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