Far Above What I Asked For

Something happened this afternoon that got me thinking…..You see, I had made an appointment for an hour’s long deep-tissue massage. I was excitedly looking forward to what I know from past experiences to be an hour of blissful relaxation with much needed soothed muscles. A good massage can leave one with a type of euphoria that lasts for days, even well into the following week. It has to be among the best forms of stress relief and relaxation.

This appointment was not an inkling to what I had been expecting. My anticipation that drove me through the morning could be said to have suffered a great defeat. I didn’t have strong hands rub and massage my tired old muscles. I didn’t feel that I ought to hire said masseuse for my own personal service on an ongoing daily basis.

This massage was not at all the answer I had sought for my aches and pains…. It was FAR BETTER!

This kindly gentleman masseuse  asked one  question before serving up the “answer” to my simple plea. Was I having trouble  in a specific area?  Realizing that I was suffering with neck and shoulder pain for some weeks now, he knew what I needed today. I could have enjoyed the traditional and even specific request to my needs  but being armed with full knowledge of my problems, he instead gave me JUST WHAT I NEEDED.

I shan’t go into details on the wonderful treatments on  my neck and shoulders since it is technical and pertinent to my own issue. I only state that I feel revitalized and strong. Instead let me relate what occurred to me when I came home to my husband.

Sometimes we ask God for specific answers to our various needs. As believers, we wait with excited anticipation. We KNOW without a doubt that our awesome God answers prayers and we know He wants to bring us peace in our lives. The reality is that He alone knows just what we need for each situation. He even knows that in giving us what we need, sometimes He has to allow us to travel different paths. Often times we even have to endure new pain and aches as He makes known to us where we should be.

“His ways are not our ways…”

Are we willing to submit to Him that He knows best how to bring forth blessings, healings, restoration and redemption in our lives?       Or do we want to limit God? Sure He can bring us what we ask for in prayer. But more than likely He has even more for us!

“For what father, knowing his child needs bread, brings him instead a stone…”

I did not come home today with the satisfaction of having had a good long massage. I came home with the knowledge that old kinks and creaks have been broken and with continued attention to stretches and exercise, I can look forward to a painless future.

This man gave me more than I asked for. He granted me far beyond what I paid for.

Jesus Christ wants to give us more than we could ever even think of asking for. He wants to be limitless in provision for us. He wants to pour out blessings that go on and on so that we can testify to His love and mercy.

What will you be thankful for looking to Christ in all areas of your life?

My God is Limitless!

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