Freezing Bermudians

snowy car
We should have known when in the early dawn, this was the site that greeted us in our Vermont driveway……
But we are BRAVE Bermudians. And yes, to clarify, though I have lived all my adult life in Bermuda (ahem…more than 43 years), and I was born and bred in North-Eastern Canada, this little girl is totally Bermudianized and I do NOT care for temperatures below 40 degrees!
So at four o’clock in the afternoon, my adventurous husband and I set off for Foxborough, just outside Boston to enjoy an NFL game…specifically the New England Patriots versus the Denver Broncos, a promise of an exciting game for sure. Did I mention that this stadium which seats close to 100,000 people is OUTDOORS? and that the only tickets my darling husband could procure were in the nose-bleed section? IN THE WIND? Yes but we dressed warmly….I mean, we were so prepared, what could a little arctic freeze do to spoil our fun? In preparation for this, I even stopped shaving my legs for two days, telling Ray those few little scraggly hairs would add to my blanket of warmth. But I digress and I am once more sharing too much information. But honestly, with three pairs of socks, tights and two pairs of warm slacks, boots, a heavy wool blanket etc etc, well… will understand….
Snowy Game
ya see? It is not a pretty site!
To shorten this rather wordy report, I lost feeling in one foot after a half an hour but I was courageous as I huddled against the gale force (???) winds. The game itself started off very badly if one was a Patriots fan so the mood around us was not pleasant. Both Ray and I were blown away at the foul language and hateful snide remarks shouted at the top of drunken (at least that is my explanation) voices all around. Perhaps Ray was not as shocked since he had been to several such games throughout the years but I was saddened and disgusted. The game continued to go downhill and other parts of my body began to ice up. My fingers did not belong to me but rather were encased somewhere in the woolen mittens I wore. At least I hoped at the time that someday that’s where they would be found. Thankfully my back and head were warm but my face was as frozen as a new Botox recipient. Hey, maybe there was a silver lining here? by the time the second quarter was well underway, I was trembling. I no longer reacted to the foul messages being sent forth around me. Instead I spoke the love and warmth of Jesus over myself and all my loved ones, should this be the way I would be finally leaving this earth. They say just before you freeze to death, you get very very sleepy. I tried yawning a few times to test the expected time of my impending doom but once too often my jaw stayed that way and Ray had to force it shut! Well, this IS my blog and I can exaggerate if I feel the need to draw in any readers. The point was, I would not die seated in row 15 at the second to top tier of that massive stadium. I began to feverishly make plans for another day on this earth. Hurray….Perhaps tomorrow I would sit all day by a blazing fire in our cute pot-belly stove? hmmm
OK the 2 minute warning sounded and Ray promised that since it was such a terrible game anyway and I had suffered enough penance to earn 1000 people their way out of purgatory IF I were still a catholic so I perked up and peeped from under the blanket. Did I mention that most football players played the game in SHORT sleeved shirts???? I was aghast! By the way, any of you who may watch NFL games know that TWO MINUTES on the clock do NOT mean two actual minutes. I would have cried but any moisture in or around my eyes had long since frozen solid. I looked at my darling, handsome, protective husband and without a complaint, he smiled angelically (well that is how I saw it), took my arm and said, “Come on honey, let’s go home!” I fell madly, deeply and passionately in love AGAIN!

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