A New Song

001Do you ever wake up with an annoying song stuck in your head? Or some silly little TV advert? Worse yet….some children’s nursery rhyme on auto-rewind?!!

Well for the past week, I have started each day  with a new song that is lovely, comforting and ever-present with me as I go about my rather ordinary life. Now this could have presented a problem once upon a time because I rarely know ALL the words to any one song. That in itself can be torture to my feeble mind but then again years of such experiences have made me quite creative as I replace my own words to fill in such gaps in the repertoire that is my mind. But for some months  now  and I suspect every day from here on in, the words and music are clear and concise;  the melody is sweet; the music unforgettable. And I rest assured even  Bach could not compete.

I remember one day not so long ago, when my heart was heavy and my thoughts were troubled. You see, though I had been a Christian for many years, I had come to a place where I was not being fed and nourished Spiritually. I was attending a church just for the sake of duty and I was surrounded by nominal lukewarm believers. I thought that I would ‘get by’ feeding myself here and there with little tidbits of Scripture when I could make time. A dangerous game I was playing. The time became less and less and I allowed worldly matters to consume my days. Oh I wasn’t out bar-hopping or creating a ruckus but worse perhaps, I allowed myself to be satisfied with less than I  deserved and certainly less than God did. I knew I loved Jesus and I knew, without a doubt, that He loved me. I knew I was His child and was safe even, under His wings,  but I was settling for second best. In all of this,  depression crept upon me and tears flowed daily. I was putting blame everywhere but where it belonged. I had taken my eyes off the prize. I had set standards according to my feelings and attitudes.

Then came the day when I walked through the doors of a gathering that was serving up a great feast. The banquet hall set before me that day was made up of serious children of God worshipping Him freely with joy abounding! As I looked through my own tears, I began to recognize each and every person there as a long-lost brother or sister. I began to realize that this was the family God intended me to be a part of. Having been surrounded from my youth with ten loving brothers and sisters, I knew that they were just the beginning of a real family God had in store for me. And I did not have to wait until eternity to know the true love and joy of such fellowship. As the Praise  music faded, the Pastor came forth and began that morning, a year or so ago, to bring me into his fold. He and the other Godly Pastors taught that to be a Christian itself is not enough. It was never intended for any of us to rest on our laurels. God never meant for us to settle and stay in one place. At any age, He still had plans for us to prosper, not in the worlds’ ways but in His ways. He wants to use a lady in her 60’s as much as a man in his prime. He wants to see us grow daily. He wants to heal us and make all things new. He wants to bless us with His mercy and grace every morning and He wants to give us a new song in our hearts.

As I write this, I reflect on my new time of prayer and praise, my learning more and reaching farther. Still, there is much to be done. I still must place one foot in front of the other; I still fail too often but belonging to a family such as I have discovered on this small island of Bermuda, in this tiny church, with God’s dear people, has made me sing anew each day!

“I call upon your name Lord, the name above all names….You are the One Jesus…”cropped-2323232327ffp35-nu326-577578wsnrcg32359363955-nu0mrj.jpg