It’s All About Me

Granted we are living in the “Me” age and being aware of that, I would venture to say, those of us with any sort of self awareness and conscience even, strive to NOT be that person. Deep inside; however, I feel sure everyone of us can relate to it. How we live our lives; How we interact with family members; fellow workers and so on….well being of sound mind, we generally do not want to fit into that mold. Then add in the fact that we call ourselves Christians, well, you can see where I am heading….
Max Lucado, well known Christian author and motivational speaker has written a book of this very topic, “It’s Not About Me”. Indeed, I admire Max and this book is one of his finest pieces of work. But today, in spite of how this message seems to be going, allow me to send you into a bit of a tailspin. Listen while I openly confess to you, that I avow here and now that indeed it IS all about me. Yes, you read that correctly. Now, bear with me and my huge ego while I explain the bold and honest truth of this statement. I feel too, that after reflecting on my words, you too will admit and confess this same thing after first experiencing some humble hesitation.
You see, in order to be spiritually nourished, any Christian worth his salt will advise you to get into the Word. Read scriptures, listen to the Word, sing the Word and study the Word. Today as I pulled myself away from the idiotic lure of today’s social media, I got back into some scripture I had been studying. I love to read and highlight, read and study, read and devour. It hit me then so very very profoundly that when I read in earnest, I must admit, It is all about me. Yes, and this is not a bad thing. It’s not a matter of pride! It’s a matter of life or death. Each of us MUST go to the Word as though it were written just for us. This is how it will impact your life, just as it impacts my life. If I browse through the feast that lies before me and just pick out a few little tidbits here and there, then I will leave the banquet table as hungry as when I sat down. If I admire a tasty morsel and take it in order to share it with someone I feel needs it, then I am but a fool. Every item on the menu that is set our before me is designed just for me. And realizing that I can eat my fill and still need more is vital. It certainly is a relief too that after rising from this table of delicacies, I will not be ungainly and fat. This food nourishes and satisfies like no other. This food brings life and healing, comfort and joy, love and peace and everlasting pleasure.
Yes, God’s Word is all about ME.
I urge you this day to make it all about YOU.

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