Waiting for Dawn

A life well lived must include several vital components not the least of which is…sleep. To think that a good part of each day is spent lying semi conscious upon a bed may seem like lost hours in a ever faster revolving world (that seems to pass by with far too much speed once a person has entered their 60’s) must be denied and I am here to attest that not a moment is ever really wasted. Indeed, while the refreshing time is necessary to face yet another day in the daily grind, that time of sweet sleep can be more than a proverbial snooze fest. You see I believe I have mastered the art of sleep. Or perhaps I should say, sleep has become an adventure unparalleled in the modern age of high definition and has consumed me with fervour. Ah, dreams….hmmm
One night I may be carried through the wilds of Africa and just before dawn, I am thrust onto a sick out-of-control carnival ride. There are any number of confusing experiences all within the span of one night’s sojourn that would keep a psychiatrist in business for a decade but these insane dreams are not what concerns me right now. You see, it is 2:30 a.m. and I am in the middle of one of these dreams. I have decided that, rather than weakening to full cerebral control and perhaps try to read, I would bring my sleeping thoughts and excursions to you. And so, while it is rather marvellous that I am able to type during such a time as this, it is vital you understand that tis not I who pens this but my semiconscious state of mind…..
Perhaps too, by now, you will have realized that such a comedic attempt at forming brilliant communication, must only be thus explained….she is out cold, off the wall, and well into another episode of demented dreams!
I am sure that some hours after dawn when I do sit and sip my tea in the kitchen and work on another crossword puzzle to begin anew the day, I will be able to decipher some sane purpose in my jumble of words that lay on the screen before me.
And so now, I plan to shut my eyes once again, whisper some words of sweet worship to my ever present Help who never leaves me, hold onto the joy that God brings to my weary thoughts and roll onto my side to venture into yet another mid sleep slumber time…….hmmmmmm