The Blues-Busters

I have 10 grandchildren; 6 boys and 4 girls. They are each a delight to me and hubbie!

This week, with the schools closed for mid-term break, I have the honor of entertaining 2 of my granddaughters, aged 10 and 11 yrs.

I wasn’t sure how this week would play out having just managing to pull myself out of a kind of blue funk but praise be to God, these little darlings (I have named them The Blues Sisters…they would chase away anyone’s mid-week Blues)  are working their magic on me every day. From the following photos, I believe you shall see that it is I who is being entertained by these imaginative, active, precious little girls.

Have a lovely day…..

The Dawning of a New Day

This post is to update you about some new changes on my blog.

While I shall continue to write about a variety of things, as the mood strikes, I wanted to share my new user name. I think this reflects more of who I am.

I am still a part time RVing Girl and love it but there is so much more…..I hope you will agree.

Tomorrow, I shall get back into blogging and sharing with so many dear friends I have made these past 6 months here on WordPress.

God bless you all.

Special thanks to my precious friend Jessie Jeanine once again who has inspired me at just the right time! (



An Email from Mom

I have been a mother for over 37 years and part of my reward is being a grandmother to the best kids in the world!

My four children are grown and long since on their own. However, once a mom, always a mom. I still feel protective and more often than they would like, I also feel instructive.

You will gather that I still would like to tell my kids what to do or how to live. Mostly I keep these views to myself but this weekend I have broken this little informal rule and decided that since I am still their mother and still myself always learning, I should impart some of my views upon them once again. I seem to be able to express myself far better with the written word (Many ‘fights’ between my dear husband and myself over the years were fought and won this way….not saying who won but most of you will guess that it was me Aha!)

Anyway I penned a brief email to them about the subject of prayer. I won’t parlay it in detail but I will share some of what I was trying to say to them.

First thing we ought to be sure our kids know is: God doesn’t have grandchildren.  That is, once they are adults, it is up to them to form and cement their own relationship with their Heavenly Father.  No one gets into heaven on anyone else’s say so. Sure I can and will still pray for them but they have to take time to develop their own prayer life. I am as guilty as the next person in this way. If there is an URGENT prayer need, I get on the phone and call a brother or sister or friend I believe to be ‘closer to God’. It is fine to ask for prayer support. But hey, why aren’t we building that relationship for ourselves? Get on it! Get into feeding yourselves spiritually. That is, make time for God! An hour a week? wow….is that enough? Would you be satisfied with God only giving us an hour a week? It is by His grace that He picks us up when we fall. But He expects us to mature and grow. I truly believe that reading the Bible is more necessary than ever in this crazy world. Do we ensure that we nourish our bodies at least twice or three times a day? YES…..we need to nourish our spirits and minds. His Word is food for our souls!

There is more I shared with my family but I just wanted to share a little of it with others out there.

How do you feel about this?

I am deciding to make 2012 the year of Victory in our family!

Victory in the Lord.

Victory in prayer.

Victory in answered prayer.

Victory in growing in relationships with God and each other.

I am standing firm in this and I am witnessing before you that there will be GOOD NEWS to report before this year is through!

Blessings to you all.





I See Drab People

 I had to share the following written by one of my seven brothers……. He makes me Laugh!
By: Ed from Vancouver
For a period of time last year, I considered bringing in a professional laundry consultant to propose a solution to my troubles; dull whites and drab colours.  I spent hours, perhaps days fretting over the hardness of the water and the type of detergent I should use.  Did I need bleach and if so, what bleach would perform the best?  Dry or liquid?  Was I destroying the environment in my quest for whiter whites and more colourful colours.  My clothes appeared as though I had purchased them around the time of Woodstock, and it wasn’t just this thing I have for tie-dyes and bell bottoms.  My clothes had that well worn appearance.  Before long, I developed a habit of throwing out and replacing every item of clothing on the first day of each month.  It was costing a fortune, but I had to have clothes that not only were new, but looked as though I just bought them at my neighbourhood Walmart.  Nothing worked.  I even began buying things from the Shopping Channel.  For just $19.95, (plus shipping and handling), every item of clothing in my wardrobe would be revived and look new, if I just sprayed them with; ‘Miracle Renew’, or, my money back; guaranteed (less shipping and handling).
Then December 19th came and who could believe that everything would be changed.  The galaxy would spin through space just like it was supposed to.  My whites became white and my colours, more colourful.  
I got a new lens in my left eye and all was well in my world; white, blue, green, gold, red and yellow tie-dyed t-shirts and bell bottoms were bright and new again.

A Gorgeous Bermuda Evening

So, in some of my recent posts I know I moaned and groaned about how cold Bermuda can be in the winter and most of you felt no sympathy for me whatsoever. And then my sister (  engaged me in a heated blogging battle about who suffered through the winter more, Bermudians or Canadians …..she did such a fine job that I conceded defeat long since and this evening’s little spell out on my patio sealed that deal once and for all. Whilst it CAN be damp and cold and bone chilling here, MOST of the time, such as this evening, it is amazing. We are truly blessed to live on this island. WOW…..God certainly knew what He was up to when He spoke this place into being. And for that I am eternally grateful.

Bermuda is blessedly beautiful.

Thank you Lord.

Bermuda Evening Glory



No More Please

I know it sounds mean and unspirited but when I reflect on why I wanted to Blog in the first place, I have to be brave and stand firm in this decision I have made today.

I DO appreciate the kudos thrown my way, I really do. But I have to say please, PLEASE no more awards. Not that I have been inundated with more than the average and not that I am in such demand. I really really am trying to be somewhat humble in all of this but are there any of you out there who are beginning to feel slightly burdened by all these awards? I mean there are rules and regulations that constrict my time, time when I could be writing or composing any number of posts.  It is as though people in their quest to praise others, which is a sweet thing, are looking for new ways to create new awards. I believe the way to praise and admire others’ works is to comment on their blogs or even to mention them in passing in our own posts.

Do any of you feel the same as me? Or is it just me and my impatient aging not so gracefully ways?

Am I hard-hearted and mean? OR am I just being totally honest?

Please feel free to tell me what you really think.

I am just too worn out to go through the regimen of any more award nominations.

Hope I don’t lose my followers in this but…..c’eat la vie.


PS…..have you also noted that when one gets nominated, that is NOT really to say one WINS…..I mean ask an Academy Award nominee….they haven’t always walked home with the gold statuette….


HUG Award


My blogging pal has nominated me for the Hug Award which was created by Connie Wayne and Mindblur

It is presented to fellow bloggers and web sites who inspire with their words and actions offering Hope in this world.

It is offered and to be accepted only once and since my dear friend has nominated so many other blogs who are not only deserving but would also be on my list, I shall mention a few others whom I admire greatly and who are so very deserving of this award. They continue to inspire me in my daily walk.


Love Via Stomach or Ears?

His hungry heart (google image)

Years and years ago, I coined the phrase, “If the way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to a Woman’s heart is through her ears!”

Google image of the listening wife












In fact, that phrase was to be the title  or subtitle of an award-winning novel I would one day write….

SO should you choose to ‘borrow’ my creative phrase, please at least give the credit to me.

For more than half of my marriage, I, on occasion, would fret. My darling husband was extremely reluctant to offer me sweet words of praise. He was the strong, silent type. OK so he has never ever been silent except, of course, to shower heaps of praise on me, his beloved wife.

I would estimate that many, many couples battle with these sorts of issues and I am here to admonish you and you and you….or to instruct him and him and her.

It has been overzealously stated that we of the ‘fairer’ sex, ought to earn his love and support and devotion if we create sumptuous meals and delectable delicacies.  So I cooked and I baked and I offered and I sated his food cravings (first and foremost. The rest I shall not share!)

BUT I tried over the years to tell him things like, “If you want ‘loving’ at 11 (p.m.), you had better start at 7 (in the morning) He would do well to woo and speak loving words. In other words, we NEED to hear with our ears that  we are loved, respected, admired and a feast for his eyes. It just ain’t cutting it if he’s been a morose, sullen, grumpy and self-centered man all day and evening only to flick the “let’s make whoopee now” switch. We need to be romanced a wee little more than that. We need to HEAR we are loved and then we can more completely participate in the ‘process’.

Thankfully, couples often make it through, unscathed,  these sorts of communication break-downs and speaking as one who has survived, I can say it is well worth it.  The only trouble is, that NOW if he were to tell me wonderful things about myself, I would wonder if it were true. I mean, don’t tell me at my age and state of downfall physically speaking, that I am the most beautiful …anything.

But do at least tell me, no one makes that dish like you, honey. Or, honey, you are such a terrific blogger, or…baby, I love it when…..

Hmmm, must run for now. I think I hear compliments coming my way as my hubbie calls out to me from the other room….

(Pause here)

Nah, he was just asking where I put his house keys….. 😦

Soup’s On

It must have been the fact that in making my almost famous “Momma still loves you so is making you vegetable soup while you are ill” soup for two of my four kids who are ill with colds and giving it all to them that I got sick myself. I mean I was perfectly fine before hand but it seemed as soon as the decision was made that they needed it more than me, that I caught this cold. And this is why at 5:24 am I am up writing instead of soundly sleeping.

But it IS better to give than receive, isn’t it? I gave them Soup and they gave me a cold.

Simply as that. So now tomorrow…oops, later today I shall make myself some of this miraculous healing soup

for no one else but ME…..


Starting the Soup