HUG Award


My blogging pal has nominated me for the Hug Award which was created by Connie Wayne and Mindblur

It is presented to fellow bloggers and web sites who inspire with their words and actions offering Hope in this world.

It is offered and to be accepted only once and since my dear friend has nominated so many other blogs who are not only deserving but would also be on my list, I shall mention a few others whom I admire greatly and who are so very deserving of this award. They continue to inspire me in my daily walk.


Love Via Stomach or Ears?

His hungry heart (google image)

Years and years ago, I coined the phrase, “If the way to a Man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to a Woman’s heart is through her ears!”

Google image of the listening wife












In fact, that phrase was to be the title  or subtitle of an award-winning novel I would one day write….

SO should you choose to ‘borrow’ my creative phrase, please at least give the credit to me.

For more than half of my marriage, I, on occasion, would fret. My darling husband was extremely reluctant to offer me sweet words of praise. He was the strong, silent type. OK so he has never ever been silent except, of course, to shower heaps of praise on me, his beloved wife.

I would estimate that many, many couples battle with these sorts of issues and I am here to admonish you and you and you….or to instruct him and him and her.

It has been overzealously stated that we of the ‘fairer’ sex, ought to earn his love and support and devotion if we create sumptuous meals and delectable delicacies.  So I cooked and I baked and I offered and I sated his food cravings (first and foremost. The rest I shall not share!)

BUT I tried over the years to tell him things like, “If you want ‘loving’ at 11 (p.m.), you had better start at 7 (in the morning) He would do well to woo and speak loving words. In other words, we NEED to hear with our ears that  we are loved, respected, admired and a feast for his eyes. It just ain’t cutting it if he’s been a morose, sullen, grumpy and self-centered man all day and evening only to flick the “let’s make whoopee now” switch. We need to be romanced a wee little more than that. We need to HEAR we are loved and then we can more completely participate in the ‘process’.

Thankfully, couples often make it through, unscathed,  these sorts of communication break-downs and speaking as one who has survived, I can say it is well worth it.  The only trouble is, that NOW if he were to tell me wonderful things about myself, I would wonder if it were true. I mean, don’t tell me at my age and state of downfall physically speaking, that I am the most beautiful …anything.

But do at least tell me, no one makes that dish like you, honey. Or, honey, you are such a terrific blogger, or…baby, I love it when…..

Hmmm, must run for now. I think I hear compliments coming my way as my hubbie calls out to me from the other room….

(Pause here)

Nah, he was just asking where I put his house keys….. 😦

Soup’s On

It must have been the fact that in making my almost famous “Momma still loves you so is making you vegetable soup while you are ill” soup for two of my four kids who are ill with colds and giving it all to them that I got sick myself. I mean I was perfectly fine before hand but it seemed as soon as the decision was made that they needed it more than me, that I caught this cold. And this is why at 5:24 am I am up writing instead of soundly sleeping.

But it IS better to give than receive, isn’t it? I gave them Soup and they gave me a cold.

Simply as that. So now tomorrow…oops, later today I shall make myself some of this miraculous healing soup

for no one else but ME…..


Starting the Soup

The Pugs’ Dinner Invitation (part 2)

Well, true to my promise in yesterday’s post, “Who Would- Thunk It?” I am here today to regale you all with a brief synopsis of Ben & Jerry’s dinner out last night.

As I had mentioned in yesterday’s post, we dressed for dinner ourselves (which translates to we got out of our jeans and into somewhat nicer duds AND I wore makeup) and of course, we HAD to dress Ben & Jerry. Ray gave them a good brushing earlier in the day and only *poo pooed the idea of bathing them because they would be mingling with farm animals so would need bathing today probably. (*excuse the pun)

I shall try to upload a photo or two…momentarily.

Jerry all decked out with Hubbie

Anyway the drive was a good 40 to 45 minutes which on an island this small is a looooong way off.  Not to worry, we brought provisions in case we had to stop and set up camp en route. However, we bravely did the whole trip in one go.

Having arrived at this exotic farm. (because it is unlike any farm you ever saw), the “boys” eagerly jumped out to greet the host and hostess’ pet dog. There were informal sniffs of greetings and then the dogs followed our lead and began to sniff our hosts as well. ha ha






Buffed up Ben with Me





The gorgeous antique Bermuda cedar doors were thrown open in a warm welcome and the little pugs went tearing into their lovely home. Oops, some left some of his food in his dish, Sparky(their dog), and Ben began to devour it! A quick whisking away of the dish sent him scurrying elsewhere in his quest for food. We weren’t in the door five minutes when it was discovered that not only do these wonderful folk have horses, chickens and a dog but that they have two CATS. Oh Oh… of them never showed his or her pretty little feline face the whole evening and the other, once she realized there were enemies in the household, quickly went out into the safe haven of the gardens.




Now I realize I am being rather too lengthy and I promised a brief report so……

The food was 100% human fare and it was the most delicious ever! Their home is a veritable treasure of Bermuda history with the original homestead going back into the 1850’s. It was a marvellous evening and Ben & Jerry did us proud. They behaved and as far as we know, did not leave behind any hidden surprises though I would be most cautious before donning my boots this morning if i were them.

We did get the boys to perform a trick or two and then we entertained, on their behalf since they were somewhat shy, the delightful family who had graciously brought us into their home. The evening was a success and we all made the long journey home just before the witching hour with happy hearts and full bellies.
The Menu:

Dog Kibble

Artichoke, spinach hot dip

Succulent roast beef

More Kibble

Baked potatoes unsurpassed by any chef’s standards,

Fresh Bermuda pumpkin


Hot whole wheat rolls

and for dessert…………….Bermuda Bananas Flambe with a banana rum liquor and fresh ice cream.

and oh yes, a little more kibble!

Who-da Thunk it?

As I sit here at my favourite spot in the den, I wanted to quickly share with you the most unbelievable thing that I could ever have imagined….I am all dressed up and ready to go out. A Saturday night date with my hubbie…..weeeelllll, in reality it’s s date with my two pugs, Ben & Jerry. Oh yea, Ray is coming along too.
You see, these two little fellas are something of celebrities not only in Bermuda but in places across Canada and the USA. They travel with us on the RV. Wherever we go, people come up to us. It’s like we are….ah….say….Justin Beiber’s parents. EVERYONE knows them and everyone loves them and they are cute and precious and for those of you who have read any of my past posts, you will know that they tend to drive me NUTS! And THEY got invited out to dinner.  The daughter of a business associate of my husband’s is home visiting her parents and when she heard we were Ben & Jerry’s parents, well, she had to have them over for dinner.!!!! Since they cannot drive or take the bus on their own, she acquiesced and allowed us to join them all for a meal. I am HOPING it is people food for us but just to be safe I had a smidgen of cheese with my tea earlier.

This is a first for us…….going to dinner with our dogs.

WHAT NEXT??????????????

Drop by tomorrow for an update of the evening’s festivities. Apparently they have horses and dogs and chickens… to say it is a farm household.

Heaven help this little island girl!

Before his shower and shave this evening


The Best B & B Ever!

Should you perchance be looking for a lovely place to lay your weary head while on a holiday, don’t bother with Google. I wouldn’t even consider Expedia or Bing or any of the many web search engines around. It doesn’t matter where you want to go. Be it Fiji, the town 20 miles away or Paris, France. I have discovered the only real place that could satisfy a person’s quest for excellence in every sense of the word.

Excellence: n. the quality of being exceptionally good.

Whether you want to spend your holiday laying on a deserted beach somewhere, or hiking through mountain trails, I really urge you to STOP!

For as recently as early this month, I happened upon the very best B & B & B that exists today, bar none.

When I was booking my suite at the B & B in question, I asked the proprietress if the price quoted included breakfast and if I would be provided with fresh linen daily as well as other incidentals. She happily informed me that hers was not merely a B & B but and this was the first I had ever heard of it, her establishment was indeed a B & B & B. I was momentarily silenced as I tried to think of what this meant. The lady happily cleared up my confusion and assured me that her Inn (so to speak) provided one with Bed, Breakfast & Bagpipes!

Apparently, one would be awakened at a chosen time each morning to…….you guessed it, the sound of the bagpipes which would be sure to get you moving and down to the breakfast table lickity split!

Now for those of you who just may be wondering where this delightful place is, I have to tell you now that my lips are sealed. It is such a treasure that I shall never ever share this with anyone. (besides, my sister would kill me if I opened her cozy home to just anyone.
You will have realized by now that I am speaking tongue in cheek.

You see, we were brought up in a tiny little Scottish town in Nova Scotia and many MANY days we were indeed awoken in the early summer mornings to the sound of Bagpipes! we absolutely HATED them and still laugh about it today. Oh the Piper was not in our home, nor was it even in a close neighbor’s….it was just so loud that even if 3 blocks away, the melodic screeching disturbed all our beauty sleep.

Our Town Mayor and Family Friend

Come On Down… are the 41st Contestant on…..

Wow! Again? I am humbled and rather overwhelmed.

Many many thanks to Scott  for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. It is thrilling to accept such an honor.

The rules again folks….

First and foremost, THANK you Scott.

Secondly, let me tell you a few things about myself that perhaps you do not know. This will be difficult since I am such an open book but I shall try…..let’s see,

1. When I was born, apparently I had so much hair that the nurses in the nursery had to give me a hair cut.

2. I am the 7th child out of 11.

3. I have been to South Africa on a wonderful holiday

4. I am a bi-lateral breast cancer survivor.

5. I LOVE the Lord Jesus above all else….

6. I taught myself everything to do with the computer way back in the Commodore 64 days!

7. I have written 3 or 4 novels that have not been published but I have had one short story published in several books.

Now to nominate other bloggers whom I feel deserve this award. This part will be easy.

Each and every one of these and indeed many others deserve your reading what they have to say. They will make you LAUGH out loud, may make you cry a little, will brighten your day and will become like dear cherished friends to you.

Congrats to you all!

COLD Bermuda

First of all, I defer to my esteemed adversary, She does make some valid points in her accusatory post today. Don’t feel too sorry for me, guys, just because my own big sister is attacking me oh so viciously. In fact, it is fitting that it  should be so on this auspicious day (the day many web sites have gone black in protest to our freedom of speech on the internet). Let her attack and accuse…..I am strong enough to take it and brave enough to send it right back at her!!!!

OK so Canada is cold. No doubt about it. In fact, I survived the first 21 years of my life there.
But Bermuda’s cold is not easy to accurately define. Let me tell you a wee little story (true). The first year I was married and living here, or should I say the first WINTER I lived here, I honestly thought I would die! I was dressed in so many layers of clothes and my bones were still frigid. I had blankets wrapped around me in the evenings, three pairs of socks on, the fireplace going and an oil heater going full steam. I was SO cold that I was quite sure if I were to look out the window, there MUST be snow falling! The walls are concrete and WET; one’s sheets feel wet upon getting into bed (Thanks be to God for the inventor of the electric blanket). I cried with the cold. It just didn’t compare to Canada’s relatively dry cold with HEATED homes!


Enough said.
I win!!!!!!


don’t I???


YOU be the judge…….


Baby It’s Cccold Outside!

My Rebuttal to my sister’s post today on her blog         “I’m mad at my sister”

OK. The gloves are well and truly off!

My sister has opened a can of worms with her complaining about my complaining and she’s in trouble now.
Let it not be said that this little sister is shaking in her boots! (And it is SO cold here today that I am wearing boots!) She has thrown me a challenge and I am ready and raring to go.

OK so enough of the cliches (next she’ll be telling me off for overuse of them; she IS a teacher, after all)

Bermuda is a SUB tropical island in the Atlantic ocean.(Note the word SUB….) I would urge you to google us. You may be surprised to see how far north we actually are. The only reason we don’t get snow or freezing (per se) temperatures is because the Gulf Stream runs right by our shores. We are almost directly across from North Carolina. BUT and this is a huge BUT, it is chilly, very very chilly sometimes.

No, it’s NOT the uncivilized cold that you Northerners experience but when one touches the wall in one’s home and it feels WET and COLD and CLAMMY, rest assured, one feels wet and cold and clammy.  We do not have heating in our homes. Many of us have heaters but if you knew how very expensive electricity is here, well that is just not an option except at bath time. We have fire places and use them frequently, ok so maybe only 3 or 4 times a year but…….

In fact, I was so impressed or should I say disturbed by my sister’s post today, that I left my snuggly warm bed and my sweetly sleeping husband to come into the ccccold den and address the issue of Cold in Bermuda…..

and you know what? I love a good cold Bermuda winter day…..cuz truth be told….we have way too much nice warm and too often HOT weather!

So, take that, OldGirlNewTricks!

And yea, Maureen, I still love you no matter what…………


Writing in Sand

In 1967, I met my one true love.
I was a small town girl in my first year of Nursing School and he was in his third year of University, also a small town kind of guy but this guy was from an exotic place….the islands of Bermuda.

We began dating on September 16th and we have been together ever since.

University finished for the year in early May and so Ray would be flying home to Bermuda for the summer. We were totally in love and the thought of being apart for 4 months was devastating. There were tears and promises and letters and weekly brief long-distance calls and then of course more tears (did I mention that I was the one weeping soulfully?) and letters……we wrote to each other EVERY day ( We still have all our love letters too!)

On a phone call in June, he posed the question to me…well not THE question but rather the question that would start me on a whole new path in life….”Sweetheart, will you come to see me in Bermuda for your holidays this summer?” Ah…Er…um….oh YES I shouted into the phone. I mean I had 2 weeks off in July and what else would I do? BUT Since I had no money at all, he insisted on paying for my ticket. Then came the most crucial part of the great hope to jet off to paradise….Eagerly I went to my parents the next weekend to ask permission. My mother was so shocked that I would even ask. “It’s not as though you are engaged or anything! A girl can not go to stay with a boyfriend’s family. I mean he seems nice but what about his family? Will they even be there???

It just wasn’t ‘done’ I those days, at least not where I lived. The only way she would even consider this at all, is if his parents wrote a letter to invite me. Even then, she wasn’t too keen on it. Well long story slightly shorter…..his mother sent a beautifully written invitation to my parents and so it was decision time again. Mom was definitely not thrilled about the idea. Was it that she had a deep mistrust of ME or could it be those flashing dark eyes of my handsome beau?!? Hmmm. Bermuda was a foreign country after all…she may have thought of it as some third world country or maybe even a wild Club Med kind of place. I was so upset and frustrated. But I knew better than to over-argue my case. The next afternoon, my Dad and I went for a drive into the country and after a little while, we stopped at a local beach. It was still very cold and not yet beach weather in Nova Scotia but we often took walks along the craggy shores to think and reflect.

this could have been me…..



In my own little dream world, I picked up a stick and started drawing Ray’s and my initials in the sand in a big heart. My dad came over to me and after a few moments said, “The next time you will be writing in the sand, it will be the pink sands of Bermuda” I was elated!

My parents were old-fashioned and very loving and together they had decided on this way of telling me I had permission to go. Tears ran down my cheeks and I hugged my dad so hard. He too started to cry with joy. He and Mom knew even then what a special young man Ray was.
Three years later, Ray and I were married in a church in Bermuda…And so here I am living with my one true love in our beautiful island paradise home.




Bermuda’s beautiful pink sandy beaches